Use of Patch

Was made in New Zealand (2012 - 2020) from 100% organic ginger.


Ginger is a traditional remedy that has been used for 100s of years in China and Europe, to stimulate blood circulation and relieve muscular aches and tension.  Extensive research has been done into ginger varietals, active components and extract processing to deliver the best product possible.

An alternative to this prepared patch is available from Anthroposophical Nurse Practitioners who prepare and apply a Ginger solution using a small cloth as shown below.



1.  Used daily for at least 7 days, then 2 - 3 times a week as required. Each patch is for single use only.


2.  The unopened pouch is warmed as needed by a heat pad or against the skin.


3.  The warmed pouch is opened and the moist patch is removed, unfolded & placed on the affected area.  e.g. mid-back.


4.  The patch needs to be firmly compressed on the skin with a cloth or a support bandage.


5.  The patch is applied either while;

     -  Resting for at least 45 minutes

     -  Actively moving


6.  After 45 minutes the cloth will be dry, with no further effect.


Important points for use:


There are no known negative effects, rather a build-up of warmth & enhanced blood circulation.


Avoid use with a high fever, breast feeding or when pregnant.


If symptoms persist, contact your health practitioner.