Member Signup

1.   Access the" Member Signup" page using the button below then enter your "Email address" and a password. (Please retain for future use)



      When the Rato Health administrator receives and approves your request an Email will be sent to you confirming your request to be a

      member.  Approval will take at least 24 hours. 

      The Rato Health administrator cannot access your password.


2.   Member Access is achieved by accessing "Information for Members" on the Members page.


     The member "Signup" page will appear and here you select the "Login" page. The "Logon" page will request entry of the

     approved "Email address" and associated password.


     By ticking the "Remember Me" box, the Email address & Password is not required for future access to these pages.


3.  If you have problems wth access please contact RATO Health.



*** Lost PASSWORD or it needs to be changed ***


      Click on "Member Signup" to access the signup page, then click on "Login" to access the Login window.  

      Enter your Email address and click "Forgot your password" to change your password.