Grief & Sadness


​Pam, a mother of 41 years with one five-year-old daughter, was feeling a deep grief and sadness at the loss of her son who died a year ago, aged 19 months, from a brain tumour.
Coming to terms with her loss had culminated in a lack of energy and interest in life.  Pam presented as a woman of solid build whose walk appeared burdened and heavy.  She had a tendency to develop varicose veins and her feet were cold.  She had short, thick brown hair and tough, dry, cool skin. Her communication while hesitant was clear.


Pam came to the clinic once a week for four weeks. At each appointment she was given a footbath, initially lavender then citrus, and a yarrow liver compress.


After the first treatment, she was so tired she fell asleep on returning home and slept all afternoon. 
After the second treatment, there was no noticeable tiredness and she was beginning to show an interest in a planned holiday overseas.  This interest developed into an enthusiasm for the holiday and by the fourth treatment, she said she ‘was feeling great’.
While this sense of interest in life was still present six months after the completion of the course of treatment, she was aware of ‘carrying a burden’ and asked for contacts to pursue counselling support.