A research consciousness underpins all aspects of RATO Health’s practice and those used by Anthroposophical Nurses. 

Anthroposophic Nursing is a holistic practice and encompasses careful consideration of what is most appropriate at any given time.​
Ginger Therapy is an ideal complementary therapy for arthritis and a number of other chronic health conditions.


      Ginger for Aches and Pains

Pilot Study

This pilot study compared the effect of a standardised ginger patch with the traditional ginger compress for people with osteoarthritis.

"Ginger therapy has potential for people with osteoarthritis for whom conventional treatments provide insufficient pain relief"

Journal of Holistic Nursing:

​      Topical ginger treatment with a compress or patch for osteoarthritis symptoms


Abstract: ​​

      T​​he effect of ginger therapy on symptoms of osteoarthritis: an open pilot study​


​      Effect of ginger therapy on symptoms of osteoarthritis 

      Presented to American College of Rheumatology Conference Nov 2012

PhD & Masters in Research

The research methodology of phenomenology has proved most effective in advancing research of anthroposophic nursing external applications.  Phenomenology in human research is focused on understanding the phenomenon as consciously experienced and described by human beings.  When the person is experiencing external applications, such as compresses and rhythmical massage, a methodology is required that explores all dimensions of these modern day treatments.


“The essential experience of ginger therapy (ginger compresses) for people with osteoarthritis exposed the unique qualities of heat, stimulation, relaxation and analgesia."

Journal of Advanced Nursing:

     Ginger therapy for adults with osteoarthritis

Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology (IPJP):​​​​

     Experience of ginger therapy

     ​Experience of ginger compresses


     Ginger therapy (compresses) for osteoarthritis

     Presented to Anthroposophic Medical Conference on Rheumatology Sept 2010​

Der Merkurstab - An Anthroposophic Perspective:

     Topical ginger for the chronic inflammatory condition of osteoarthritis

     Ginger as an external therapy for osteoarthritis

     Exploring ginger in Europe and China

Previous Research of Ginger Compress

The original unpublished ginger compress research which was completed at the Filderklinik, Stuttgart, Germany in the early 1990's has been translated.  To obtain a copy see Publications for "Study of the External Application of Ginger".