RATO Health receives feedback from customers, patients, families and health practitioners. This feedback is valued and used to develop the product and improve business support.

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Below is a summary of recent comments:


  • Husband reported an improvement in his wife’s mobility and agitated behaviour after 4 days treatment.   The wife had osteoarthritis and dementia for a number of years.  She received 7 consecutive ginger patches at night followed by 3 patches a week over 8 months.


  • For 14 nights I applied a ginger patch before going to sleep and now I use 3 patches a week. While I continue on 20mg methotrexate each week for rheumatoid arthritis, this natural treatment has really made a significant impact to my mobility and I am a happier person as a result.


  • The ginger patch is too hot and I feel it is burning my skin.   There is no evidence of anyone being burnt by the patch; rather reports vary as to the experience of increased heat on the skin.


  • I feel no sensation of heat when the ginger patch is applied.   Occasionally, it takes from 7 to 14 consecutive ginger patch applications before there is an experience of warming. This may be due to aging or medication that diminishes sensory nerve responses.