Chronic Bronchitis & Cough


Joanne, a single busy professional sales woman presented, 43 years, of slight build with fair, freckled complexion and fine, ginger hair.  She had a pleasant clear manner and was feeling tired and despondent concerning her general ill health.
For the previous 8 years she had recurrent chest infections and blocked sinuses managed by antibiotics.  During the past three years, whilst on antibiotics, she continued to produce yellow, green phlegm on waking and had recurrent vaginal thrush


Four treatments were given, two each week. At each appointment, Joanne received a lemon footbath and ginger compress to the kidney region.​


From the first appointment, Joanne was aware of an improvement; breathing was easier, less phlegm on waking, head and sinuses felt clearer and she experienced increased energy and body warmth.  This response continued throughout the course, in addition her normal tendency to constipation was absent, a considerable relief to her. 
After a break of four weeks, symptoms returned so Joanne had another series of treatments as before.  This time she took leave of work and really rested between appointments. 
The second series resulted in a very positive long-term response.