Ginger & Osteoarthritis Research

Osteoarthritis - Diagnosis, Treatment & Surgery

Editor:   Qian Chen

    Chapter 8:  Ginger & Osteoarthritis​    (Open Access: Chapter 8 - Ginger and Osteoarthritis)

     ​Author: Tessa Therkleson      Published:  March 2012​

Osteoarthritis is the most debilitating muscular-skeletal disease affecting people worldwide. This 'open access' book has 21 chapters summarising recent advances in diagnosis, treatment and surgery. It includes wide ranging topics from gene therapy to alternative medicine; a multifaceted approach is needed to develop novel and effective treatments for osteoarthritis.

The Experience of Receiving Ginger Compresses in Persons with Osteoarthritis A Phenomenological Study

PhD dissertation presented by Tessa C Therkleson in 2009

- Regional Professional Studies (Nursing) Edith Cowan University, Western Australia

This thesis includes the research findings of a study involving a series of treatments with ginger compresses for people with osteoarthritis, analysed using the phenomenological methodology. It introduces the theoretical model of Anthroposophic nursing and external applications, the primary tool of the anthroposophic nurse.

A limited number of copies were published and distributed to European Anthroposophic Clinics. For people wishing to obtain electronic copies of all or parts of this thesis, please approach Tessa Therkleson or Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.  


Study of the External Application of Ginger

Authors:  Schurholz J, Vogele M, Dinkelacker C, Heine R, Muck H, Sauer M, Simon L, et al.

English translation edited by Tessa Therkleson of a study on ginger compresses completed in 1993 at the Filderklinik, Stuttgart, Germany.

Publisher:   RATO Health in 2002.  A4 - Spiral bound.

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Anthroposophic Nursing

Nursing the Human Being (2nd Edition) : An Anthroposophic Perspective

Author: Tessa Therkleson

An introduction to anthroposophic healthcare and its relationship to the work of the anthroposophic nurse.  The preparation of this book evolved out of a need for an English publication, which introduces this special approach to caring for others. The nursing intention and gesture, treatments and therapies along with a number of case profiles are included.

Publisher:  Mercury Press in the USA.  A5 – Colour printed, p.53

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Profiles in Nursing Practice: An Anthroposophic Perspective

AuthorTessa Therkleson

​This book has been written as a corollary to the profiles in Chapter 5 of “Nursing the Human Being”.  Additionally, it is the accompanying text for a workshop introducing case studies in nursing practice.  Details on treatment procedures given in this book are available for the first time in the English language.

Publisher:  RATO Health    A5 – Colour printed, spiral bound, coloured cover, p.90.

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Compresses and other Therapeutic Applications: A Handbook from the Ita Wegman Clinic

Author: Monika Fingado (translated by Sarah Therkleson & Tessa Therkleson)

Compresses and poultices are extremely versatile and can be used to treat a wide range of conditions.  This practical handbook was written for nurses and practitioners at the Ita Wegman Clinic in Arlesheim, Switzerland, a centre of expertise for anthroposophic nursing.

The book covers all aspects of a wide variety of compresses and external applications, including descriptions of the substances used and their healing properties.

Publisher:  Floris Books - Edinburgh

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Rhythmic Einreibung: A Handbook from the Ita Wegman Clinic

Author: Monika Fingado (translated by Sarah Therkleson & Tessa Therkleson)

Rhythmic einreibung is a form of massage used in anthroposophic nursing.  Its techniques were developed by Drs Margarethe Hauschka and Ita Wegman, the founder of the clinic in Switzerland which now bears her name.

A development of Swedish massage, rhythmic einreibung emphasises rhythmic elements and qualities to create lightness rather than pressure.  The strokes work on the surface of the skin, rather than kneading the body as in traditional massage.

Publisher:  Floris Books - Edinburgh

Price:  £UK 25.00    $US 50.00  

Handbook for Rhythmical Einreibungen: According to Wegman / Hauschka

Edited by: Monica Layer 

Rhythmical einreibungen are gentle, rhythmical forms of therapeutic massage used by nurses, carers and therapists working out of anthroposophy. The method, developed by Drs Ita Wegman and Margarethe Hauschka at the beginning of the twentieth century were first used exclusively in medicine and nursing. Today they are applied more widely in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, curative education and social therapy.

Publisher:  Temple Lodge - Forest Row, United Kingdom

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Anthroposophical Care for the Elderly

Authors: Annegret Camps, Brigitte Hagenhoff, Ada van der Star

                                           (translated by Johannes M. Surkamp)

Anthroposophical medicine recognises the individuality of each human being.  This philosophy is central to care for the elderly, where it is important to see beyond the outer ageing body, and to ensure dignity for all.

This book describes particular approaches for professional nurses and carers, as well as offering practical care plans.  While care cannot itself heal, it can provide the basis for the healing process to work.  This book will provide those who work with the elderly invaluable guidance and advice.


Publisher:  Floris Books - Edinburgh

Price:  £UK 20.00    $US 40.00