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​        ​Ginger for aches & pains                                           Lilipoh, Spring 2012, p. 67-69​


        Peat for today's illnesses                                           Lilipoh, Summer 2006, p. 28-30

​Ginger Therapy for Osteoarthritis
        Topical ginger treatment with a compress or patch for osteoarthritis symptoms

                                                                                      Journal of Holistic Nursing, 2014


        Topical ginger for the chronic inflammatory condition of osteoarthritis

                                                                                     Der Merkurstab, 2013, 66:2, p. 145-148
​     T​​he effect of ginger therapy on symptoms of osteoarthritis: an open pilot study​ original document (or an image from ACR Conference Supplement)
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ACR Conference 2012 Abstracts
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The Phenomenon of the Ginger Compress 

        A phenomenological study of ginger compress therapy for people with osteoarthritis

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        Patents' experience of the external therapeutic application of ginger by anthroposophically trained nurses​

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Background of Ginger Use

        Exploring the external application of ginger in 2006     Der Merkurstab, 2006, 6, p. 536-538

Case Studies

        Broken Heart Syndrome - a typical case (Abstract)      Journal of Holistic Nursing, 2015 (full text available on request - Click here for Email request)


        Ginger therapy case report (Abstract)                        Journal of Holistic Nursing, 2014 (full text available on request - Click here for Email request)


        Post-traumatic stress disorder                                  Der Merkurstab, 2014, 2:67, P. 121-125