Natural Nursing Therapies

Typical treatments are:

External Applications
External applications are applied to specific areas of the body to assist with various health problems. Wide ranges of natural substances are used in the form of infusions, oils, ointments and lotions.​​​
For example: yarrow compresses are used to strengthen the liver process while ginger compresses are used for lung, kidney, arthritis and skin problems.​​​

Rhythmical Body Oilings

A rhythmical oilinh is light touch rather than deep massage using specific oils with warmth and rhythm. Where there are depleted life forces, rhythmical oiling invigorates, balances and restores energy, especially supporting the body's own healing process.

Examples of conditions helped by rhythmical oilings are; depression, insomnia, hyperactivity, exhaustion and shock.


Hydrotherapy ​includes foot, movement, nutritional and oil baths.  Natural substances are added such as infusions, oils and bath essences.
Treatments are available for a wide variety of conditions such as shock, anxiety, rheumatism, arthritis and anorexia.​​

​Nursing Case Studies

Case Studies have been documented, when people with specific health needs were referred.  They agreed their experiences could be recorded and used as examples provided their confidentiality is maintained.


The following are summaries of six cases:

Should you be interested in further understanding these case studies you may order a copy of Profiles in Nursing Practice from RATO Health.